SmartRun 60 FEB Undip

Waktu : 15 Maret 2020

Kategori : 6K, 10K, 21K

Lokasi : Kawasan Kota Lama Semarang, Jawa Tengah

Info & Registrasi :

The Faculty of Economics and Business ( FEB ) of Diponegoro University was founded on March 14, 1960. For 60 Years, FEB Undip has always strived to create quality graduates and provide the best service to the society in accordance with the Tri Dharma of Higher Education and as the vision and mission of FEB Undip.

SMARTRUN 2020 is one of the FEB Undip celebratrion’s event in the form of a running competition that available for you to choose such as 6K, 10K, and 21K. This event will be held in Kota Lama, Semarang on March 15, 2020. ARE YOU BRAVE ENOUGH TO BE A WINNER OF THOUSAND FIGHTERS?

Kontak : Tanjung (081298712020)

Registrasi Online :

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