Ijen Trail Running 2020

Waktu : 15-16 Agustus 2020

Kategori : 19K, 46K, 75K, 105K Trail Run

Lokasi : Gunung Ijen, Bondowoso, Jawa Timur

Info & Registrasi :

Blue fire is a phenomenon that is formed due to sulfur mining activities at the bottom of the crater producing blue fire at night. Besides being known as the largest acid lake in the world, the Ijen Volcano area has spectacular views against the background of Mount Merapi, Raung Mountain and the Ijen Crater itself.

Ijen Blue Fire Trails 2020 is an annual running event held in the Ijen Volcano Region since 2015 under the name Ijen Trail Running. The participants will go through the Ijen crater volcano complex with the Mount Merapi stratovolcano as its highest peak. The variety of trails going through the nature reserve, forests and the best arabica coffee plantations is a special attraction that is a pity to miss. This area has many main tourist sites in Bondowoso Regency such as; Wurung Crater, Hot Water and Blawan and Mini Niagara Falls, Wurung Crater, Kali Pahit Water fall, and of course the incredible Ijen Crater. The 6th edition of the event will present new lines and categories and of course new challenges compared to previous years. The start location is adjacent to the Catimore Hotels and several surrounding tourist destinations that can be reached on foot from the Hotel. The existence of a hot spring which is quite close to the location of the activity allows participants to soak for a long time after taking a tiring running track.

Registrasi Online : https://ijentrailrunning.com/

Ijen Trail Running 2020

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