Pintu Langit Trail Run 2020

Waktu : 12 April 2020 (DIUNDUR dari 15 Desember 2019)

Kategori : 6K , 12K Trail Run

Lokasi : Prigen- Kabupaten Pasuruan, Jawa Timur

Info & Registrasi :

Due the track condition and the unpredictable weather.

We announcing about the postponed race date from December 15, 2019, become April 12, 2020.


We are sorry about this information, consider the safety for the race and participants. .

We offer the refund if you want to refund the registration.

Please contact our services for more information about the refund

Join the Trail Run Cruising a cold and refreshing air of mountain side forest in Prigen

Located on Bendil Hill at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level, this contemporary photo spot is called Pintu Langit. The term was used because at that location there was a door which if opened to the sky view above the hills of Pasuruan.

Pintu Langit tourism park is located not far from the location of the Taman Dayu housing complex, Pandaan District. From the Pandaan toll exit, visitors can enter through Taman Dayu before entering Ledug Village.

Our objectives:

  1. Introducing a promising tourism spot in Pasuruan regency
  2. Promoting the importance of health and fitness, while also preserving the natural environment
  3. Promoting Pasuruan’s native arts and cultures
  4. Building the economic & social development for the communities surrounding the area


(+62) 819-1726-4209

Registrasi Online :

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